As we embark on our journey to COVID-19 recovery, what are the top business priorities for CRE execs and what are they investing in to ensure their success post-pandemic?

In this webinar, you’ll get an executive perspective on this very question from two trusted industry leaders: Nick Romito, CEO, VTS, and Brian Kingston, Chief Executive, Brookfield Property Group. In a frank conversation about the state of the industry and what’s required to pull through a period of immense uncertainty, you’ll learn solutions for organizational and technological challenges that have become even more pressing due to COVID-19.

Stream this convo with Nick & Brian to learn:

  • What are CRE execs doing to prepare for when tenants re-enter the market?
  • Which organizational changes and technology investments should you make this year to ensure your success post-pandemic?
  • What tenant activity are we seeing today in the core US markets, and how do we expect it to change over the coming months?
  • What are landlords focusing on this year vs. last year, and how have their perspectives and priorities shifted as a result of COVID-19?

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