The impact of COVID-19 and the abrupt change in the way we work has highlighted the challenges and inefficiencies of offline, out-of-date leasing processes. Smart firms are adapting quickly and taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to evolve their current operating models and move their leasing teams from offline to online. But how?

Watch the on-demand recording of Reinventing the leasing process during COVID-19 — so you can find out!

You'll hear VTS Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Ryan Masiello, joined by two innovative heads of leasing, discuss how they are currently spearheading digital initiatives within their own firms during COVID-19. Hear Brittany Hurley, Managing Director, Head of National Office & Industrial Leasing, CIM Group, and Adam Frazier, Vice President, Head of New York Leasing, Oxford Properties Group share their secrets about how they’re modernizing their firm’s leasing processes and up-leveling the way their teams operate online.

Watch now to get practical advice on:

  • The benefits of moving your leasing process offline to online
  • What a tech-enabled, online leasing process actually looks like
  • Turning your strategic vision into tangible initiatives
  • Building consensus and driving change management across geographically dispersed teams and offices
  • ...And more!

Watch On-Demand Recording HERE: