The 10 Things You’re Missing
Out on in VTS

You’ve mastered the core functionality of VTS – you’ve eliminated manual processes, are levering real-time data and analytics, and have stronger tenant relationships.

Now, it’s time to take your leasing and asset management to the next level. What features are the best-in-class firms using to get the most value out of VTS?

Read our latest eBook to learn the top 10 features you can leverage to:

  • Reduce your deal cycle times by an average of 41% 
  • Make strategic decisions and mitigate risk with a full understanding of tenant and industry exposure
  • React and adapt in real-time with alerts about your most important metrics
  • Move the best deals forward faster by instantly comparing proposal terms to budget
Want to see these features in action? Watch our on-demand webinar for a detailed walk through of how to take your use of VTS to the next level.

Learn how best-in-class firms are taking their use of VTS to the next level: