The Rise of Data-Driven Leasing

Commercial real estate is going through a period of rapid transformation. Gone are the days of stale information, disparate systems and decisions based on gut instinct. The industry is now entering a new era and in order to stand out from the competition, landlords and brokers must measure and optimize activity at every stage of their leasing and asset management business.

These stages can be broken down into three critical categories, each focused on the most valuable asset – the tenant:

  • Attracting prospects
  • Converting deals 
  • Retaining and expanding tenants 
We don’t think of these stages as simply leasing or asset management, but as something far more valuable – your revenue. Together, these stages form a framework we call the Revenue Funnel. Read this eBook to learn how adopting this framework, and optimizing the metrics therein, can transform your business and increase your revenue.

Measure and optimize at every stage of the funnel