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The Guide to Expanding Tenant Relationships with VTS

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The Guide to Expanding Tenant Relationships with VTS

Our Landlord’s Playbook Series will walk you, step-by-step, through common leasing and asset management scenarios and show you how to leverage insights (not just data points) to make better decisions for your portfolio.

In the second part of the series, The Guide to Expanding Tenant Relationships with VTS, we’ll walk through how to use real-time insights from VTS to strategically grow your tenant relationships.

Valuable tenant insights can come from anywhere – the casual conversations between property managers and tenants, news articles, and interactions your leasing team has over the course of a lease. Yet, without a way to keep track of this information, you're probably missing out on opportunities to retain, and even expand, the right tenants in your portfolio.

Modern landlords are using VTS to manage tenant relationships, proactively manage renewal conversations, and strategically manage how and when a tenant expands within their portfolio. Read the Guide to learn how.